Required Information

Music Haven STUDENT Program Evaluation 2017: To be filled out by each STUDENT enrolled in Music Haven 

1.Your First Name
2.Your Last Name
3.Your Gender
4.Your Age

5.Your Race/Ethnicity (Please check all that apply)
6.What school do you attend?

7.What neighborhood do you live in?
8.What Instrument(s) do you play in Music Haven?  (Please check all that apply)
9.How many years have you been in Music Haven?

Please answer the following questions about your involvement in Music Haven. We appreciate your feedback!
Please note that all responses are CONFIDENTIAL!  Your name will be removed from the survey data before responses are examined. Therefore, please answer as honestly as possible.

10.Would you recommend Music Haven to your friends?
11.If you answered "yes," why?   
If you answered "no," why not?

For each question below, please select one answer that best describes you right now:
12.I am comfortable working in a group/team setting.
13.I am good at planning ahead.
14.I feel like I am a part of my community
15.I am comfortable connecting to and working with adults.
16.I notice when other people are having a hard time.
17.When facing difficult tasks, I am sure I will accomplish them.
18.I think about choices before making a decision.
19.I believe I can succeed at most any goal I set my mind to.
20.I am motivated to work harder at things I want to accomplish.
21.I am patient when learning new things.
22.It's easy for me to talk to new people.
23.My musical skills have improved this year.
24.When something is hard, I tend to give up.
25.I will be able to successfully overcome many challenges.
26.Playing music helps me to calm down when I am stressed out.
27.Even when things are tough, I can perform very well.
28.I believe that by playing music I can make my community better.
29.I often get to spend quality time with my family.
30.Music Haven teachers are good role models.
31.I plan to go to college.
32.I want to keep playing music throughout my life.
33.I want to be a musician when I grow up.
34.What was the most important thing you learned at Music Haven this year?

35.What are you going to work harder on next year?

36.What Music Haven programs were you involved in this past year? (Please check all that apply)
37.Music Haven is a lot of work! Why do you keep doing it?

38.Do you have any suggestions for ways to improve Music Haven?

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