Required Information
Thank you so much for your interest in volunteering or interning with The Cookbook Project!  This application will enable us to assess how your skills and interest matches with The Cookbook Project! We look forward to working with you to build a healthier future!
Lets start with the basics
First Name 
Last Name 
Date of Birth 
Street 1 
Street 2 
Email Address 
2.Please attach a recent resume or CV here.  You also have the option to attach a cover letter. 
3.Optional: Please include your LinkedIn profile and/or a link to your professional portfolio.

4.How did you hear about the Cookbook Project?
Community event
Friend/ Colleague
CBP Website
Social Media
Other (please specify)
5.Are you interested in an internship or a volunteer position?  (You may select both)
Volunteer Position
6.How much time would you be able to devote to a position with The Cookbook Project on a WEEKLY basis?
7.List the days and times you are generally available?

8.When could you start?
9.Optional: Is there a date you would have to finish by?
10.What is your primary language?
11.What is your secondary language if applicable?  Fluency not necessary, proficiency is acceptable.
12.Are you a current student?
13.What is (or was) your major/area of study?

14.Do you have regular access to a vehicle?
15.Do you feel confident working remotely when necessary?
Please list the name and email contact for one reference:
First Name 
Last Name 
Email Address 
17.What aspects of The Cookbook Project interest you?

18.If you could make 3 health and eating recommendations tailored to your community, what would they be?

19.What is the highest level of education you have completed? 
Less than High School
High School/ GED
Some College
2 Year College Degree (Associates)
4 Year College Degree (BA, BS)
Master's Degree
Law Degree
Medical School
Included here are several areas where CBP often has opportunites for Interns/Volunteers.  Please indicate the areas in which you have experience and areas you'd be excited to get involved in.  
 20. The further to left, the better the match! We want to know where you already have experience and in which areas you''d be interested in supporting!
I have Experience and I'm interested in this area
No experience but interested
Experience but not interested
No experience and not interested
(a) Training to lead CBP programming in the community
(b) Web Design
(c) Fundraising
(d) Social Media
(e) Research
(f) Blogging
(g) Curriculum Development
(h) Hosting a party to build awareness/support CBP
(i) Volunteer on National or Regional Advisory Board
(j) Metrics/Impact Assessment
(k) Grant Writing
(l) Accounting
(m) Taxes
(n) Videography/Editing
(o) Google Adwords/SEO
(p) Newsletters
(q) Administrative Support
(r) Marketing/Communications
(s) Finance
The following are several applications and programs CBP uses. Please indicate the areas in which you have the most experience and confidence. No worries, there are no wrong answers this will just help us to place you in a role that bests fits your skills.
 21. Please select on a scale from 1 to 5, 5 being the most, which programs do you have the most experience and confident with.
1 - None
5 - Expert
(a) Google Drive
(b) Microsoft Excel
(c) Microsoft Word
(d) Salesforce
(e) Wordpress
(f) Instagram
(g) Twitter
(h) Facebook
(i) Hootsuite or another Social Media analytics app
(j) Google Adwords
(k) Google Analytics
(l) Adobe Photoshop
(m) Adobe Illustrator
(n) Adobe InDesign
(o) Video Editing (Final Cut, Adobe, Avid)
22.If you were going to cook a meal for CBP Co-Founders Adam and Alissa, what would you prepare?

Thank you for your interest in volunteering or interning with The Cookbook Project! We will be in touch if your skills match current needs of The Cookbook Project!