Required Information

Introduction: Welcome and thanks for your interest in The Cookbook Project’s Food Literacy Educator Local Training Program! Before we get started, we’d like to ask some questions to help us get to know you better and evaluate your candidacy for the training program.
How did you hear about the Cookbook Project?
Please specify how you heard about us. For example, Beyoncé told you or you saw a Facebook post from Anthony Bourdain.

Contact Information and Demographics: First we are going to ask about your contact information and demographics. These are standard questions found in many surveys. This information is used to help us stay in contact and will be used to get a better idea of who is participating in the program.
Please tell us your:
What is the highest level of education you have completed? 
Are you currently a...
What is (or was) your major/area of study in school?

What type of organization are you planning to lead programming with either as an employee or volunteer?
If you already know what organization you will lead programming with please list it here.

About how many participants do you plan to reach within the first two years after completing the program. This can be a rough estimate but is helpful as we consider applications and potential program reach. 
What age range best describes the participants you hope to work with in your project? (Please select all that apply.)  Again, a rough estimate is fine.
Please list the name and email contact for one reference:
These next questions will help us better understand your interest in the Cookbook Project and a little bit about your food culture. These questions are not mandatory but any information you can share is valuable.
What aspects of The Cookbook Project most interest you?

Please give us a brief description of the program you plan to lead in your community.

What experience do you have leading youth or adults in educational, camp, or other settings? Please include age ranges and organizations you collaborated with. This can change over time but we'd love to hear what you're thinking.

If you could make 3 health and eating recommendations tailored to your community, what would they be?

What is your favorite meal from your own food culture?

The last questions are about program tuition and financial aid.  Please note that the tuition fee is highly subsidized by the financial generosity of CBP supporters.
Who will be providing the tuition fee for your participation in CBP's FLED training program?
The Cookbook Project is able to offer a limited number of full and partial financial and merit-based scholarships to cover the program fee for selected candidates. Would you like to apply?
Please list any past or current awards, honors, scholarships, leadership positions, or other achievements below:

The Cookbook Project is committed to learning from the experiences of local leaders and improving our curriculum. As part of the Local Leader Network, are you willing to participate in ongoing research that aims to evaluate the program and future projects?
You’re finished! Thanks for your interest in becoming a Food Literacy Educator with The Cookbook Project and for taking the time to complete the application!  We will be in touch soon regarding next steps  ~ Peace, Love, and Chow
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